You might find Using Danny & Matisse useful in navigating the serial.

Lost Your Magic Tortoise

Episode 1: Providing Nourishment In which Danny, potter and deli cook, gets a wedding invitation.
Episode 2: Brokedown Palace In which Danny goes to work and we meet owner Bill Malkopf and the Egg Salad Ladies.
Episode 3: Enter Christine, Smiling In which the new waitress Christine, a ray of light, enters the scene.
Episode 4: Still Life with Paraphernalia In which we meet John Lerner, best friend, dealer and artist, look at a now lost painting, and listen to a little Allman Brothers.
Episode 5: Changing Twenties In which Danny, on an errand for larger bills, runs into Christine and her purple Gitane at the bank.
Episode 6: Scenes from a Slow Tuesday Night In which Danny explores the repertoire of egg cookery and gets into a rhythm with Marcie and Christine.
Episode 7: A Summer Afternoon In which we admire some celadon on stonedware.
Episode 8: Bright Sky, Soft Clouds, and Soft Soft Music In which a bright summer day evokes a bright winter day and a tender moment.
Episode 9: Home on the Range In which Danny exhibits some minor heroics and is rewarded.
Episode 10: Pastrami on White In which John pays a visit and drops off a baggie later that same night.
Episode 11: Easy Wind In which our heroes spend a little time in the moment and Danny finds himself excited by a ketchup bottle.
Episode 12: Attics of My Life In which Danny foolishly visits the past instead of staying in the moment.

Turn on Your Lovelights

Episode 13: Turn On Your Lovelights In which we revisit an historic concert and meet a beautiful young artist.
Episode 14: Four AM Streets In which Danny and Matisse walk home.

Cowboy Movie

Episode 15: Rainy Day, Dream Away In which Danny spends a rainy day.
Episode 16: Cowboy Movie In which Danny buys some pot for a friend.
Episode 17: The Handoff In which Danny drops off the best pot in Austin, for the money.
Episode 18: In the End, They’re all Blueberries In which Bill reminisces and Danny and Christine have a picnic.
Episode 20:  Was a Sunny Day In which Christine bikes home with Danny.

Days of Matisse

Episode 19: La Ecole-The Artist in 20th Century France In which Danny and Matisse go to class.
Episode 21: Inventing Reduction In which Danny discovers reduction in a cast iron frying pan.
Episode 22: Tomatoes, Eggs, and Snails In which Danny tries to like Matisse’s new vegetarian friend.
Episode 24: The Legend of Bertil Shagnastic In which we revist the last guy on line.
Episode 25: Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun In which we discuss Savings Bonds, Bar Mitzvahs, and DMT.

Matisse in Vermont

Matisse in Vermont  In which Danny pays Matisse a visit.